I am a coffee loving, adventurous, wear my heart on my sleeve kind of woman who is always searching for the perfect moment wrapped in elegant light and love with my camera! 

I don't fold to weather and I embrace the smallest of details as a part of each of my subjects story. I love my family, my friends are just as near to my heart and each person I meet is an addition to the story I am writing in this beautiful life I am living. 


OK...so you know I love all things coffee and light but why do I do what I do and why am I good fit for you? 

I am married to the most blunt, tech loving and amazing father ever. We have an even cooler kiddo who recently entered into the realm of teen by turning 13 and we have two dogs that I adore. I mean if you ask me to bring my puppy to your wedding then we will forever be best friends. She is super cute...but if you don't want her there and you do want to include your puppy in your wedding then that is just as awesome. 

More importantly, I love photography almost as much as my puppy. The reason I love it is because it lets me tell a story about love. It allows me to capture all the feels of a very special day. I am also super organized and calm in highly busy or stressful situations such as weddings (hubby says I am not calm as him but I insist that is only while dealing with our fun and busy life and it's because my brain moves way faster then I physically can...maybe someday I will wake up with super human powers...maybe). What I can promise is that your wedding experience will be that much better with me. I always take care of my people. I not only calm the stressed mother but I provide the bubbly when needed. I can bustle a dress like none other and I work great with all vendors alike to help create a day where you get to enjoy your day and not sweat the small things! Save the sweat for the dance floor my friends and please don't mind me singing at the top of my lungs when "pour some sugar on me" plays.